A Science Apprentice for Biophysics

Ph.D. Candidate in Computational Biology


6100 Main St

Houston, TX, 77005

I am a fifth-year Ph.D. student in Department of Biosciences, Rice University. My research area of interests are protein folding, molecular dynamics, deep learning, and general computational biology problems.

I completed my Bachelor degree in Biosciences in 2017 from Zhejiang University.

Beyond the research, I like playing the piano, badminton, diving, plant identification, and traveling.

Latest news

Feb 18, 2023 I am honored to be the recipient of Student Award in Physical Cell Biology in 2023 BPS Annual meeting!
Jul 31, 2022 This is the first day that I set up a personal website. :sparkles: :smile:

Selected publications

  1. NAR
    AWSEM-Suite: a protein structure prediction server based on template-guided, coevolutionary-enhanced optimized folding landscapes
    Shikai Jin, Vinicius G Contessoto, Mingchen Chen, Nicholas P Schafer, Wei Lu, Xun Chen, Carlos Bueno, Arya Hajitaheri, Brian J Sirovetz, Aram Davtyan, and others
    Nucleic Acids Research 2020
  2. JCTC
    Protein structure prediction in CASP13 using AWSEM-Suite
    Shikai Jin*, Mingchen Chen*, Xun Chen*, Carlos Bueno, Wei Lu, Nicholas P Schafer, Xingcheng Lin, José N Onuchic, and Peter G Wolynes
    Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2020
  3. IUCrJ
    Molecular-replacement phasing using predicted protein structures from AWSEM-Suite
    Shikai Jin, Mitchell D Miller, Mingchen Chen, Nicholas P Schafer, Xingcheng Lin, Xun Chen, George N Phillips, and Peter G Wolynes
    IUCrJ 2020
  4. PNAS
    Computationally exploring the mechanism of bacteriophage T7 gp4 helicase translocating along ssDNA
    Shikai Jin, Carlos Bueno, Wei Lu, Qian Wang, Mingchen Chen, Xun Chen, Peter G Wolynes, and Yang Gao
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2022