Some selected achievements that I like to show off.

Awards and Fellowships

  • Feb 2023 - Selected for the Student Award in Physical Cell Biology in 2023 BPS Annual Meeting.
  • Aug 2022 - Selected for the 2022 Shirley Chan Student Travel Award in 2022 APS March Meeting.
  • Nov 2021 - Selected for the 2022 Biophysical Society Annual Meeting Travel Award in 2022 BPS Annual Meeting.

Invited Oral Presentations

  1. Deep learning-based prediction of electron density maps of proteins. Biophysical Society, 2022 Biophysical Society Annual Meeting. San Francisco. Feb/21/2022
  2. Exploring the translocation mechanism of bacteriophage T7 gp4 helicase. Gulf Coast Consortia, 3rd Annual GCC Cellular and Molecular Biophysics Conference. Rice University. Nov/30/2021
  3. The advances in the protein structure prediction problem. Advanced structural biology seminar (Rice BIOS 537). Rice University. Sep/7/2021
  4. Exploring the translocation mechanism of bacteriophage T7 helicase using molecular dynamic simulations. The Physics of Living Systems (PoLS), iPoLS student seminar. Virtual symposium. May/27/2021
  5. Using ab initio predicted protein structure to aid in solving crystallographic phase problems. Xiamen University, Nanqiang Young Scholars Forum. Virtual symposium. Mar/19/2021